About me

I have devoted my career to helping people learn about themselves and their potential to change ad realise their goals. Having worked in education since 1984, I have helped many young people to overcome personal and learning issues to succeed.

Working with Young People

I am constantly fascinated by the minds of young people and the connections they make. But their creativity in developing their minds can be affected by stress, anxiety, depression, anger and other emotional issues.

Like everything else, a young person can learn ways to manage their emotions and relationships before the stress becomes a habit which then continues into adulthood.

Using my skills as a teacher and educator, and my knowledge of cognitive behaviour, activity-based learning, relaxation and counselling, the workshops actively engage young people in learning about themselves.

Working with Adults

Adults may have carried their low mood or emotional issues with them from childhood and now find that the stress of work or relationships brings out physical, emotional and psychological issues.

The physical issues could be exhaustion or illness or pain. The emotional issues could be anger, frustration, withdrawal or suppression. The psychological issues could be anxiety, depression, panic, addiction or other issues.

Workshops for adults are also active but the engagement is between the mind and body of the individual. Using a combination of cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy (C-BT), stress management, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the workshops enable you to learn new techniques and methods and to reflect on these in a safe environment.

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