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Is happiness important?

Happiness is learned by children by being with happy people. We are not born happy, rather the opposite, we tend towards the negative. Happiness is an emotional state and being happy does not depend on money, or stuff, or the number of friends you have. Happiness is a decision you take to view your life ... Read more Is happiness important?



Relaxation techniques are one of the easiest ways to deal with stress but most of us turn to other things such as a cream cake, a glass of wine, or a trip to the shops or bookies in an effort to deal with our emotions. A group relaxation session can be an effective way of ... Read more Relaxation



We live our lives using habits. We have a habit for everything we do. A habit a response to a cue or trigger which leads to a particular action which gives satisfaction and pleasure. It is a learned behaviour. A habit that is out of control and affecting your whole life is an addiction. Habits ... Read more Habit