The SAVVY Shift

The Shift programme is a profound, bespoke, intensive one-to-one experience which commences with a one-day one-to-one to identify the blocks, triggers and issues which are impacting on your confidence, happiness and success (if you do the work!).  An agreed action plan will include coaching and therapy to achieve the agreed goals and unlimited email support together with regular Zoom update sessions.

The SAVVY Coach

One-to-one or group coaching for you, or your family, or your team which provides tools, techniques and methods to address the previously agreed issues.  An ongoing support programme can be arranged (if you do the work!).

The SAVVY detector

A one-day intensive session based on a 7-factor life analysis to identify past and present issues which are blocking progress, triggering emotions or preventing success.  The session is in two parts:  an approximately 2-hour pre-meeting Q & A session which can be carried out via Zoom.  Once the analysis has been prepared a further meeting, via Zoom or in person, provides feedback and agrees the goals for the session.  An action plan will include mind work activities; cognitive work; practical actions, and an on-going support programme (if you do the work!).

The SAVVY Mentor

A series of distilled knowledge and experience into practical workbooks and journals focussing on self-confidence, happiness and success for you, your family and your employees. 

These self-help publications can be a great way to help your children easily achieve self-confidence, happiness and success (if you do the work!).

Helping you to become super-confident, happier and successful…and your family too!