cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a clinically accepted method combining examination of the individuals thoughts (cognitions), feelings (emotions) and consequent actions (behaviours). Research supports its effectiveness in dealing with disorder such as anxiety and depression. It is an active, goal-directed approach that teaches clients to manage their thoughts and thereby manage their mood.

CBT is a strongly change oriented process which enables the client to gain insight into their mind but also receive guidance on how to make changes using directed exercises.

Working collaboratively with the therapist, the client will examine their thoughts logically. The client will identify how their feelings impact on their thoughts leading to exaggeration, personalising, catastrophising etc. The therapist will challenge the client about whether their thoughts make sense or whether there are other ways to look at the situation. Thoughts will be tested by experiments (homework tasks) which the client will carry out.

Having examined and challenged their thoughts, the client may then learn appropriate behavioural techniques to help them with their goals. These may include: relaxation techniques (using hypnotherapy); assertiveness; anxiety management; problem solving; time management; and, social skills

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