Facebook addiction

The Facebook generation

Perhaps its obvious but your relationship with Facebook probably depends on your age. If you have teenage children they will probably have an account which was obtained while under age but rarely use it. They will be on Snapchat or Instagram while the ‘oldies’ use Facebook.

Whatever platform you are using it is likely that the younger you are the more social media will define your identity and be a stress generating experience. In some instances the negative impact of social media can make your life unbearably stressed.

Unpleasant People

When your main way of socialising is online you will more than likely encounter some very unpleasant people and you in return may become aggressive to them or to all of your online ‘friends’ in general. If you find yourself being aggressive online, then you may have the online disinhibition effect.

  • You may believe you can separate what you do online from your off line self (dissociative annonymity)
  • You may believe that no-one can see you or pass judgement on you – that you are invisible
  • You may believe that being online is not real and so what you do or say has not real impact
  • You may believe that as you cannot see people you make them whatever your imagination wishes
  • You believe that it is not the real world so you are causing no real pain to anyone
  • You believe that no-one can stop you doing exactly what you want

Online aggression

When a stranger online is making offensive or personal comments, they are not talking to the real you – they are imagining you!!! Don’t reply as they will become even more offensive. Known as trolling, this activity is deliberate and intended to provoke aggression.

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