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Take the Weight Off your Mind

Transformational Coaching

Diets Don't Work!

You may be experiencing personal distress because of unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours and your eating is out of control. You are YO-YO weight cycling and have tried over and over to lose weight and keep the weight off. Read more...

You want your life to change

You know that you could have the life of your dreams; the career, the partner, the family, the social life but it seems to be passing you by. You feel so low, your thoughts are not kind about yourself. You are so angry and frustrated with others around you. You are smoking, drinking, shopping, or spending all day on social media. Read more...


Dr Sheila Leahy EdD

I passionately believe that everyone can be confident, happy and successful in every area of their life. It’s not a dream, it can be the reality for you, your family and your business. The secret to achieving this life is to learn how to manage your mind so that it works for you instead of being in conflict.

Make a decisive S.H.I.F.T!®

The S.H.I.F.T! Transformation System is a unique system which can help you to achieve deep change in your mind; your underlying beliefs, emotions and behaviours. The blocks that stop you from achieving your personal goals, business goals, family goals or relationship goals can be transformed.

Imagine your dream life, your dream shape and size, your dream relationship – what is stopping you?  Are you setting compelling goals and milestones that have meaning for you and your mind?  Or are you conflict with yourself in your mind which is taking away your focus and preventing you from being in flow?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tremendous set of techniques which can break the patterns in your mind that are causing the issues.  For less-troubling issues the change can be IMMEDIATE.  

The deep NLP techniques and processes can be truly transformational but will take a little longer to work into your mind.

What are you waiting for?  The life you want could be just a phone call away