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Change Habits • Improve relationships • Maximise business performance

S.H.I.F.T! Habit Change System

Personal Habits

Habits are easily formed, often unconsciously, and at a very young age. Habits become the way you respond to a situation or emotional trigger. However, as you grow older, habits can become more serious and begin to impact on your life.

Family Relationship Habits

Helping your children to understand and manage their emotional responses is an essential role of the savvy parent. Developing good habits will help to hae a calm, purposeful family environment.


Dr Sheila Leahy EdD

I passionately believe that everyone can be confident, happy and successful in every area of their life. It’s not a dream, it can be the reality for you, your family and your business. The secret to achieving these goals is understanding how habits are formed and developed; by you; by your family; and by your customers and using this knowledge to change behaviours.

The SAVVY System: a decisive S.H.I.F.T!

The S.H.I.F.T! System is a unique system which can help you to achieve deep change in your habits; and, their  underlying beliefs, emotions and behaviours. The habit that may have been blocking you from achieving your personal goals, business goals, family goals or relationship goals.

The 5-step system is unique and created by me to help you access high quality support without having to visit a counsellor or therapist and at a fraction of the cost.  View the S.H.I.F.T!  page for more detail. 


You can help yourself to change – in fact, no-one else can make the change except YOU!  When you habits become a problem, you would change if you knew how: but you don’t!  So I can help you start the process of change.

Download one of my FREE helpful sheets on a range of aspects of habits, stress, and habit formation from the self-help page. 

Alternatively, you can purchase one of the Challenge Journals designed as an easy 5-step process which leads you through the change process to beat your troublesome habit.