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33 activities to keep you occupied during lock down

The current situation with the Covid 19 virus is having all sorts of impacts on us. We are either on lockdown or a key worker. In either situation, life has changed. If you have children, they are at home and in addition to being a parent, you now have to be a teacher. If you are on lockdown you may not be able to undertake your sports, your hobbies or meet you friends. Keeping your mind, and the minds of your family and children occupied is one way of managing the situation. Seeing the situation as a unique learning opportunity – to learn about yourself, your partner, your children, your friends and your wider circle. Resilience is built by testing yourself and finding out that you can cope in any situation.

Perhaps you cannot think of things to do together, well here are 33 ideas that you can try out for yourself, with your friends or with your family to keep you mind occupied.