Savvy Therapy



Over, and over again, during my teaching career, I have seen the lives of young people blighted by emotional fears and habits which have affected their academic achievement and careers.  Until recently this has been pushed under the rug; but now mental health is talked about openly.  There is a tsunami of children with emotional problems which the NHS services cannot cope with, and schools pay lip service to.  Parents are suffering worry and anxiety about how to help their child but just don’t know what to do for the best.

I can help you. 

With my extensive experience in education and specialist knowledge of emotional wellbeing, including habits and their impact on the emotions of children and young people;  I have developed an easy 5 step process to help you have a conversation with your child about their emotional state and the ways you can help them to change.  My ‘Savvy S.H.I.F.T! 30-day Challenge journals’ help you to talk to your child about a range of emotional issues; and to work out a goal and plan for change.  The ‘Savvy Parents Know’ series of journals include help you to understand what you can change to connect more effectively with your child.

Parents can easily coach their child to a more emotionally balanced state.  Emotional health in families is hugely important and expecting the school or health services to ‘cure’ your child of their problem; if the home environment is not balanced is just not reasonable. 

I passionately believe that you CAN do it! 

You can change the outcomes for your child – just by talking in a constructed and developmental way.  But why do I think this?

Just like you probably, I remember my childhood as being my ‘normal’.  I had ordinary working parents and was educated by the nuns in an all-girls school; until we joined with the local boys school.  I remember it as being a time of routine and homework.  As I grew into teenage years, I met the challenges of puberty – not very well – but that’s a story for another day.  I had a group of girl-friends including one very bright girl destined for great things at university.  One day we were waiting for an A’level exam to start and there was no sign of her.  We were concerned and about to tell the teachers when she walked into the sixth form common room and promptly collapsed on the chair.  She was absolutely blind drunk.  We stood around, uncertain what to do.  We called the teachers and she was whisked away.  We went off to the exam; she did not re-appear and we did not see her again in school that year.  What we would openly discuss now as her mental health issues were hidden under the carpet in silence.  She was kept away from the rest of us; and we were left with questions in our mind about what had happened.  Since that time, I have seen teens and young people suffer every kind of mental health issue including, taking their own lives.

I don’t want your child to suffer in the same way that they did.  You CAN engage is open, constructive dialogue about emotions with your child if you follow clear guidance.  I can give you that guidance and the self-confidence to make a start.  Remember imperfect action is better than no action.   

I am totally committed to ensuring that I have the highest possible practice standards underpinned by continuous professional and personal development.  I am on an Accredited Register that has been recognised by the Professional Standards Authority. My work is governed by the professional standards.


  • Doctorate in Education (EdD) – University of Bath
  • MSc Gender & Social Policy – University of Bristol
  • MA Open & Distance Education – Open University
  • Certificate in Education – University of Greenwich

Professional Memberships

  • Registrant Member National Hypnotherapy Society (No. HYP17-04567)
  • Associated Member International Stress Management Association (No. A2426)

Professional Training

  • ABC Level 4 NLP Master Practitioner Diploma
  • ABC Level 3 NLP Practitioner Diploma
  • ABC Level 3 NLP Foundation Skills Diploma
  • AMS Level 3 Certificate in Counselling with Hypnotherapy
  • ASC Professional Stress Consultant Diploma
  • UKCHT Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (in progress)
  • ABC Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Diploma Course Level 3
  • ABC Addiction Therapy Diploma Course
  • ABC Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma

Specialist Training

  • Advanced BLAST Technique Practitioner (Reg No ABL18125)
  • Oldpain2Go Practitioner (Reg No SB-00548)


  • HS Masterclass Hypnotherapy Regression
  • HS Masterclass Facebook Addiction/Syndrome
  • CCBT/HS Masterclass Treating OCD
  • CCBT/HS Masterclass Self-acceptance