Savvy Therapy

Coping in a digital age

The 24/7 use of technology to communicate in every area of your life may be another factor contributing to your stress levels.


Trying to complete more than one task as a time is a major stressor (which is why most young working mothers are the most stressed people you will come into contact with). If you are using social media while at work or while trying to accomplish other tasks it is likely that your memory and/or concentration will be affected.


Social media distracts you from the tasks you need to complete at work or at home. Constantly checking your likes or responding to notifications can eat up over 40% of your time allocated to the task you have. This can have a knock on effect on your performance at work and may lead to problems with your employer.

Controlling your habit

Make a plan to take back control of your time and break your social media habit. Turn off all your tech devices at night and at allow set times during the day when you will check your social media and then turn it off again.

Digital tech and sleep

The light from smartphones used before sleeping may lead to disturbed sleep which in turns leads to more stress the next day.

Learn to detach yourself from your job to avoid the emotional exhaustion of answering text and emails 24/7. Learn to feel in touch but not feel invaded by your devices.

Draw a line between work and rest!!!

This questionnaire is intended for teenagers but might provide food for thought for everyone