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Stress, if prolonged and untreated or when severe and sudden can cross over to illness. If your life is so stressed that you have been pushed past your breaking point and you start to feel hopeless you must see your GP. Clinical depression is a medical condition that saps energy, interest and joy in life and can last months or even years.

‘there is a robust link between chronic stress and clinical depression’ (Annual Review of Clinical Psychology 2005)

Everyone experiences low mood but there is a clear distinction between the two. Depression causes sadness but also loss of pleasure in activities you previously enjoyed (ahedonia); and can sometimes cause suicidal ideation – that is wonder whether you would rather be dead. This is why you must consult your GP

You may have definite reasons for feeling stressed such as serious school, work or relationships problems; an addiction which is out of control; or financial issues. These sorts of serious stressors do not cause depression but when you are vulnerable the amount of stress you can handle decreases and depression can take over almost out of the blue.

If you have a parent or a sibling who experienced depression you are more likely to develop the condition.

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