Savvy Therapy

Embarrassment is a feeling of self-consciousness, shame or awkwardness.

Are you embarrassed by trying to diet because you are scared of failure?  Are you trying to lose weight on your own without telling anyone that you are doing it – including your family?  And any talk of dieting is – you rarely or never discuss your eating habits with friends, colleagues or even your partner.

No-one should feel ashamed of changing their food intake to achieve their desired goals as long as they are obtaining proper nutrition and goals appropriate for them.

Most people go on a diet at some point to lose weight. So, we have to be able to discuss it if we need to.  .Research also found many of those polled are fed-up with perpetually dieting and feeling like they’re not getting anywhere.  Forty per cent said they are “constantly” on a cycle of eating healthily, eating unhealthily, eating healthily and so on.

If you are overweight it is likely that you have experienced embarrassment or shame about your situation. It is likely you have that the behaviour or comments of others have led you to feel:

  • Ashamed to be ‘fat’
  • Judged yourself as lacking willpower
  • Bought into the story that thin is ‘normal’ or ‘better’
  • Believed there must be something wrong with you if you are not thin
  • Given up on ever liking your body

You know that when you are overweight you are looked at differently, you feel the blame in the looks and hear the hurtful remarks, such as:

  • “That person has no self-control”
  • “Wouldn’t you do something about it?”

Feelings of embarrassment and shame can lead to stuffing these down with food.  Putting on weight can be a defence mechanism against the hurt of people around you.  Overeating because of embarrassment occurs because you may have a, perhaps unrealistic, expectation that no-one will ever notice you or make you the topic of conversation.  Taking every remark made as personal criticism and believing that everything everyone else says is true is a sign of deep self-esteem issues.  

No dealing with your emotional response by assertively challenging anyone who makes comments will just lead to you eating more, gaining more weight and becoming progressively more unhealthy – and your colleagues and others around you don’t really notice.


Extracted from Virtue D Break the Pattern of YOYO Dieting Forever!