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Panic attack

Five Ways to Deal with Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be a sign of extreme stress. If you are experiencing repeated, unprovoked attacks see your GP for a diagnosis.

Unfortunately the fear of further panic attacks can be a bigger problem than the attack itself as it is likely you will start to change the way you live your life and start to avoid the trigger situation.

What to do if you start an attack

  • Remind yourself that you are safe – it is just anxiety;
  • Don’t try to distract yourself, sit down, cover your eyes and focus on your breathing;
  • Breathe slowly with shallow breaths;
  • Don’t leave the area where you have the attack as you will likely start to avoid it in future;
  • As the attack passes (about 2 minutes ) focus on your surroundings and try to identify what the trigger was.

Avoiding Panic Attacks

  • Take some time to do daily breathing exercises;
  • Take some exercise daily to help manage stress levels;
  • Eat regularly to keep your blood sugar stable;
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking as ways of dealing with your panic and stress;
  • Talk to your GP or seek out therapy to deal with your stress.

Watch Nadia, Anxiety and me on the BBC. Get advice from the NHS about panic disorder here.

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