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This is day 1 of my FREE coaching programme on how to change habits and become more successful.  I am talking about habits today: how we get them, use them, and override them.

The example I’m using is weight loss.   How you gain weight and lose weight – yo yo up and down up and down.

If you’re over 50 and think that you can’t change then I know that you can.

So why have I chosen weight as my example well it’s my personal struggle.

I was a ‘plump’ child and I was a healthy weight until my early 30s.

Since then nothing but yo-yo up and down up and down. 

I’m offering you FREE high quality coaching that will change you if you do the work.

Where do you start when you want to change a habit?

Habits are how we live our lives; everything we do is habitual; and we stick to our habits; we are creatures of habit; and we accept them without question.

 We believe we are stuck with them and they can’t be changed but they can!

We can change a habit consciously, and replace it by another one 

The secret is to identify the cornerstone habit that needs to be changed.

I’ve done a video on YouTube about habits and the link is below and there’s also a fact sheet on habits on my website 

So challenge yourself to break your habit that you don’t want and get to feel successful once again.

Best wishes

Sheila Leahy

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Video on how habits are formed

Factsheet available at

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