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If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t – you’re right (Henry Ford)

Beliefs are really powerful; they can propel us to the height of success’ or bring us down into the depths of despair. Henry Ford says if you believe you can or if you believe you can’t – you’re right.  There is no in between.

Beliefs about ourselves are developed  in all sorts of unconscious ways.   Your parents believe that you’re a wonderfully gifted child and you believe that too. They teach you to be supportive of your friends and family and you believe that too.  

However, your teacher says you can’t draw.  You believe this despite your ambition to be an artist.   You start to close down any opportunity to develop yourself as an artist and drop art at GCSE level.  The belief is like a splinter in your finger;  it irritates you and you worry at it to get it out and are only satisfied when you have removed it.  You have found so ways to validate the belief  that you can’t draw and it then becomes a concrete belief for you and you do nothing to develop your artistic talent.  

Your belief has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you believe you can’t draw; you will not draw.

As an example a man wanted to be a salesman.  Being number one in his life was an important value he had learned as a child.

As an  adult he was driven by a number of core beliefs:

Number two is not good enough;

People only recognise number one;

You have to stay on top to be successful.

As he became more experienced as a salesperson he developed  other beliefs:

I can beat the others if I put the effort in;

The others are lazy and so I will beat them;

I will have to keep an eye that one in case he cheats the system;

The paperwork is slowing me down;

I didn’t reach number one last period because the system was unfair;

My boss is making things difficult for me.

Beliefs surround  your values and perception and self-validate themselves very easily.   

It is very easy to create a bag of beliefs that excuse you from taking the action.

Your beliefs influence your behaviour; they form a life script.

There are two broad types of beliefs: enabling beliefs which bring you the results that you want:

For example:

I believe I have the potential to win any match I play;

I exercise and keep fit;

I imagine myself winning the match;

I feel confident;

I put my full attention to the game;

I notice when I play a good shot;

This increases my chances of winning;

I play well and I win.

I prove my belief to myself.

It’s an enabling beliefs you believe in yourself and you achieve.

The other type are limiting beliefs which hold you back from achieving the results you want.  For example,

I don’t have much chance of winning;

I don’t bother to exercise because there’s no point;

I know that my friends will play better than me;

I can imagine the outcome and I’ll be upset;

I’m not very motivated;

I play half-heartedly;

I notice everything I do wrong;

I decrease my chances of winning;

I lose the match.

I prove my beliefs to myself.

Whatever you believe about yourself will come pass and so this is why changing beliefs about yourself is so important.  It will be a challenge, but limiting beliefs about yourself need to be changed to enabling ones in order for you to achieve the success that you want.

Best wishes

Sheila Leahy

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