Savvy Therapy

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop – Confucius.

Most people want to lose the pounds quickly.  They find a potential solution which promises a quick weight loss.  Taking this approach is likely to lead to lapses or relapse partly because you may be hungry but most because this approach does not take into account how we develop our habits.  Including your relationship with food habits.

If you remember, at the start of the coaching programme, we talked about how habits are formed and you will remember that there is an external cue or trigger, which prompts a behaviour and an internal feeling.  The habit is built up by repetition of this sequence.  Wanting to lose pounds quickly is a potential pattern interrupt to your habit but it is likely to fail because:

Your new regime is too far away from your old patterns – your comfort zone – and your mind and body start to rebel and you start to return to the familiar habits of before.

Starting the gym for example may work for a few weeks but then it becomes a chore because it is not part of your familiar routine and you start to find excuses not to go.

Changing ONE thing in your familiar pattern – such as drinking 8 cups of water a day or walking for 15 minutes – for at least 30 days – will make this new pattern familiar and you body and mind will accept it.  

So starting to make ONE change and STICKING to it until it becomes part of your food routines is better than the fast track.  Be the TORTOISE not the Hare!