Savvy Therapy

Learn to know yourself…To search regularly and realistically the processes of your own mind and feelings (Nelson Mandela)

We have completed the psychoeducation section of your coaching programme where I have helped you to understand how your mind works and why it behaves like it does. 

Congratulations for achieving this part which may have started to spark off ideas in your head about your relationship with food and any other habit that you’re trying to overcome.

In preparing this coaching program I’m using my S.H.I.F.T.! habit change system I developed and trademarked.   S stands for self-analysis; H for how to;  I for Insights;  F for  feedback; and T for transformation.   It is actually the process I would use with you if you came to see me on a one-to-one basis to get some help with a habit that was bothering you.

The first part of the change process is self analysis or self-awareness or self-review.    In order to change you need to start to learn about yourself and your mind and how it works.   I’ve mentioned to you before a book that I’ve used before:  ‘Better than Before’ by Gretchen Rubin where she talks about making and breaking .  One thing she’s done that is very useful and interesting is that she has looked at, and developed a model of the tendencies we bring into the world underlying our habits.   She describes these tendencies as: the upholder; the obliger; the rebel: and the questioner.   She has a website where you can answer a questionnaire to find out about your particular disposition.   I did this and I found it very interesting and not at all what I expected so I strongly suggest that you do the questionnaire.  You might have to give an email address and get some emails from her.   Otherwise you could buy the book from Amazon it’s £7.92.  It’s an interesting read but it’s only if you want to know a lot more about habits.

So it’s a short one today, I want you to start thinking about yourself and your mind.  Over the next period will be doing lots of self-review exercises so that you can get a clearer picture of where you are and what you need to change.  I am also working on an offer for you which I am excited about and will bring to you shortly.

Best wishes

Sheila Leahy