Savvy Therapy

Make time for it. Just get it done.! Change requires action! Procrastination means delaying or postponing something. Why would you delay good health?

Everyone uses procrastination at some point in their life. It is simply the process of putting off something that seems difficult.  Research actually shows that people who procrastinate actually have higher levels of stress and lower levels of well being.

Eating is a good time waster.  It is exercise (of the mouth) as an excuse for putting off a task you think will be unpleasant.  Food can be used as an excuse to avoid action; to deal with a feeling of boredom; to avoid a complicated task. No matter how much you eat; the task will still be there waiting for you.  If you eat rather than tackle the task you feel worse; you blame the task; you feel out of control and angry with yourself for eating.  What you need to do is make a decision; do the task; delegate the task to someone else; or decide you don’t need to do it.  

When you decide it’s time to lose weight, you immediately place pressure on yourself to achieve a certain goal.

There are two problems with this: firstly, fear of failure (again!) and so you dream up loads of excuses to avoid starting the change process; and, secondly fear of the actual task of losing weight itself.  You may not know how to do it; think that it is too boring and you have done it all before and it did not work; or that you cannot see the point of doing it (again).  This keeps you in your COMFORT ZONE and stops you from learning new skills and find new opportunities.  

There are ways to overcome procrastination but the first stage is making the decision to commit to change.  Don’t think about having to do 10k steps each day – challenge yourself to see how many you can do in one minute and then increase that each time.  Set time limits: walk for 5 minutes; make sure that you do not overrun tasks deliberately; focus on what you have achieved not on what you have not yet achieved.

Procrastination is often seen as the enemy but in many cases it should be used as a tool. When you’re procrastinating this means you need to find a new way of achieving your goal.

This could mean a different exercise regime.

Once you’ve found the right exercise and used these tips to actually get yourself started you’ll quickly find that procrastination is a thing of the past!


Extracted from Virtue D ‘Break the Pattern of YO-YO Dieting forever’