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We make rules for ourselves and act according to these rules.

Rules explain our behaviour and  lifestyle.

Changing rules requires a desire to break free from the rules and also to appreciate other people’s perspectives.

Rules can be conscious or unconscious: changing rules may require a big change on your part especially if yout rules are impacting on other people.

Your rules form your unique map of the world and inform your choices and decisions: for example:

My children will eat healthy food;

My children will clear their plates of food;

You will eat what you are given.

You must eat three meals a day.

People make rules for themselves and act according to their rules.   There are also unwritten rules formed by societies. Sometimes rules may serve you well; yet  another time limit your potential.

Rules can be changed.   Self-developed and Societal rules form the framework for your behaviour and your lifestyle.   Personal change requires a willingness to break out of rules and change your lifestyle.   The rules we make for ourselves are the result of adhering to values and beliefs and are a framework we put around our behaviour.

If you find your health deteriorating due to lack of exercise, overeating or too much passive activity; you need to change your lifestyle. In close social groups sometimes your friends can react negatively to any sign of change as this could upset the group.  One of the choices you may be facing is where your life is more important than the cohesion of the group you are associated with.  At times change requires breaking away from a group.

Your rules form a unique map of the world from which you make choices and decisions of how to interact with the world,   Remember it’s only a map –  it isn’t real – it’s a set of mental perceptions.   It is your way of navigating the situation you find yourself in.   Your mental perceptions are your  memory, judgements you’ve made, and beliefs you have built up.  Your rules emerge from these perceptions.   Personal change comes as a result of changing your personal map.  For example, do you really enforce a rule on yourself about three meals a day if you are not hungry –  why not five smaller meals per day?

Best wishes

Sheila Leahy

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