Savvy Therapy

Tame your Social Media Addiction

Addiction is a habit that has become so out of control that it is starting to affect the rest of your life – your family, your health, your job, your relationship, and your finances. Like all addictions, it may take something extreme to make you realise what you are doing. The incident could be a car accident, losing your job, your partner threatening to leave or an injury to you child. The incident happened because you were neglecting your responsibilities.

Working on your addiction is going to be very challenging – emotionally, physically and in your life in general – but change is ALWAYS possible if you decide to make that choice. Sounds easy but there is help.

In May 2020, I will publish my 30-day Challenge Journal to help you to tame your social media addiction. The journal guides you through a self-coaching process where you analyse where you are now; decide on a goal; work out the steps to take to reach the goal; identify who can help you; consider the issues that might stop you from meeting your challenge; and then guide you to take ACTION.