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Some days I feel like I have run out of batteries (Amber McCormick)

Fatigue is extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion.  Chronic stress where the stress hormonal system is never completely turned off can lead to fatigue and potentially a recognised condition called chronic fatigue syndrome.

Our primitive mind knows that food equals energy and so when we are tired, you seek food to re-energise yourself.  Fatigued people also use food to calm themselves down in an attempt to turn off the stress hormonal system.  If you get into a pattern of poor sleep, over working, never saying no to anyone, and taking on too much fall into fatigue.  When you start each day feeling tired, you will tend to use caffeine or high sugar drinks to get some energy into your body so that you can start your day.  You will continue to use high sugar foods to give you quick energy.  Because you have over stimulated your system, you then find it hard to sleep at night and so turn to carbohydrates late at night to calm down your mind.

Making the good choices that you can make when you feel good are abandoned when you feel fatigued.  You just don’t have the energy to take on another activity – making a decision.

When you are fatigued you need to REST – not EAT.  Food will give you a TEMPORARY lift but your body is screaming at you to REST to get back into a good 24 hour cycle which includes at least 8 hours of good sleep so that your stress system can restore itself.  Overeating high carb, high fat foods makes your system slow down as your body breaks down the sugars you have consumed – it actually makes your fatigue worse!  Of course, not everyone who is fatigued will turn to food to energise themselves; it depends on their overriding emotional control habit.  

Sudden weight gain and fatigue may indicate a physical health problem and so you should check it out with your doctor.  Remember the stress hormone system is triggered by the emotion of fear – so identifying what you are afraid of will help you get your stress response system under control.