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The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes (Napoleon Hill)

Resisting change in any area of your life is almost impossible these days.  The energy used to resist is likely to be greater than accepting the change and moving forward.  We discussed change last week and identified the various stages in the change process.  In the precontemplation stage, which is where you might be, you likely do not think your weight or lack of exercise is a problem and you don’t see it as a problem.  

You do not believe in the messages about health and food or weight and lack of exercise; or about the potentially lethal impact of Covid 19 on obese people.  You believe that you have ‘big bones’ or a ‘slow metabolism’ or ‘a family tendency to overeating’ and that your children will ‘grow out of it’ – it being obesity.  You are overly optimistic about your health and fitness and don’t listen to messages from the government, friends or family.

If you were honest, you are RELUCTANT to change because you don’t really understand what you need to do to change.  The only thing that might get you going on a change process is a serious health problem – perhaps.

Or you are a rebellious person and will not take on advice from others.  You make your own decisions and live or die by them.  This might be OK if you live on your own but what about your family, your children, your parents and friends.  How does ignoring advice and doing exactly what you want help you to be healthy and fitter.  Secretly you know you need to change but you will NOT lose face by asking for it.  

Maybe you are just too tired and exhausted from having tried before and failed (as you see it).  You are overwhelmed by your weight issues and just don’t know where to start.  You have tried so many diets and gimiks that you are totally confused.  Perhaps it’s time to really look at what you want to achieve and then find a different way to achieve it.  Or if you are honest did you just give up.

Lastly you may be a rationaliser who has all the answers about your weight but only sees eating problems in other people not you.  You may even be a thin fat person whose diet is so full of chemicals and junk food that even though you are, or appear to be thin, you are actually very unhealthy and probably in a worse health situation than an overweight overeater.  

So fess up – why are you not wanting to change your weight.  Half of adults and children – or more – are overweight in the UK – and most of us spent far too much time sitting down over lockdown.  

So use the worksheet to write down the pros and cons of getting fitter and changing your body size.

Then write down the pros and cons of NOT changing

And be HONEST!